Friday, 3 February 2012

Woodside School and some entertaining local characters

Just had the most entertaining afternoon in the Stow. Took a class of 8-10 year olds in imaginative thinking at Woodside School - A huge thanks to Lisa and everyone for their participation.
I asked them - imagine anything you like that could be going on behind the hoarding beside the school. Well, the kids just went for it, robots, rainbows, zombies, zoos, flowers, butterflies, eggy man (!) giant worms, lots of love! Great stuff!

Also to the library and the young mums I met, kindly asking me to pop back for a chat next week. And Andy for his help. Then off to the shops - good response and a few stories there, some already a bit dubious that I cant go into, from the carpet shop up to the Pie n Mash, the drycleaners (with the HUGE bulldog), the organic shop over to the funeral directors then up to the Cricket Club, with a wee jaunt to the Market for a chat. If I dont get some juicy gossip from those that I met - well cor blimey, I's off to get some ale down!

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