Monday, 13 February 2012

The drawing games begin

Join Della and Morag on
Tuesday 14th February
for our first session
of drawing games. 

Drop into Wood Street Library
between 10.30 to 12.30.

We have been preparing the playing cards for the Telepathic Snap Sketch Test, making the When Wood Street Draws Fortune Teller,
and sorting out plenty of big sheets of paper for Table Top Doodle Dialogues.

Everyone's drawings, doodles, and sketches will be displayed in a book showing the whole collection, a visual compendium of what happens in Wood Street.

We will be playing more drawing games in and around Wood Street in February and March. You will find us in local cafes, local businesses and in public spaces. You can pop in and join us for 5 minutes or for the whole session. It is free and open to all, children should be accompained by an adult.

We will be announcing future sessions on this blog, and look out for posters in the area. If you would like to suggest a venue for a When Wood Street Draws session, contact: and

Join us to sketch, doodle and draw. 

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