Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Valentin Road

Yesterday we had a couple of visitors who made this lovely scene, and then put themselves in it. We also had a great story passed on about the cinema on the Market site... apparently when they showed Westerns a horse would be brought in and galloped up and down the isles to get everyone in the mood! Wow how great is that?
The first workshop at Woodside primary School will take place on Friday, watch this space for the children's comments and report on the day. They will be making props and preparing artwork for the animation, its all hush hush so you'll have to wait and see what they think and get up to!
Also, here is a photo of Valentin Road, the site for the final screening of the film yet to be made. We think the work will be a site specific piece with cameos by a few local faces....watch this space.

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