Saturday, 27 October 2012


We have appointed a brilliant team of artists/designers/makers to collaborate with selected local traders/service providers:

Abake/Material + Cat Rescue Charity Shop + Station Bicycles

Animaux Circus + Wood Street Indoor Market

Happily Ever After + Prudential Homes & Internet cafe

Imaginary Rock Foundation + Ward's Family Fashion & Schoolwear + Quality Domestic Appliances

Klassnik Corporation + Pound Plus General Store + Walthamstow 14th Scout Hall

PublicWorks + New Life Charity Shop

Sean&Stephen + New Hing Loon + The Soul Project Youth Space

Silvia Baz + Mahanayim Publictions & Christian Bookshop + Lynn's Hair Fashions + Steven Gents Salon Barber Shop

Studio Kieren Jones + The Bargain Corner + Nevins + Mat Cosmetics

Studio NMO/Studio Tonne + La Dumitrescu Delicatessen +
O.G.Clothing Co. Ltd 

Verity Jane Keefe + Electro Signs

We are Laura + Freskos

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